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Tours Trekking in Nepal is a top trekking tours company base in Nepal. This is the most dependable trekking tours company in Nepal specializes in trekking, tours, climbing, helicopter tours, city sightseeing tours, hiking, Tibet and Bhutan tours many more in the Himalayas of Nepal. We offer travel and tours holidays to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and holy Kailash for travelers from all over the word. Our tours and trekking start from your arrival in Nepal and we charge 30 % advance booking non-refundable.


Combine many years of knowledge in the tourism sector of Nepal and a deep sympathetic of the Nepali culture, we generate incredible Nepal tours and trekking package to travelers who join with us so that they may practice the rich history, overseas life style and magnificent landscapes of different part of Nepal.


Our obligation is to provide high quality services at logical cost for all our customers. Our extensive assortments of holidays itineraries gratify all your needs and makes all your dream to come spiritual Himalayas of Nepal approach true. We licensed tours trekking in Nepal guide team, assure that we will be working with you for your ideal vacation.


Tours Trekking in Nepal associates with Treks Himalaya trekking company approved by government of Nepal and highly reputed trekking and tours company in Nepal and an member of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and all necessary related tourism industry under the Nepal government. We are local trekking tours operator in Nepal with profound entrenched network and instant answer to any problem during your trips in Nepal. We answer your question within twenty four hours with full information and price quote. Our experience team make 100% fit to made your holiday fully rationalization of your interest and meet your budget. Our guide ensures that you see what you want for as long as you would like.


The well-experience and well-trained of staffs will help you to generate the best tradition route of journey with your budget. Tours trekking in Nepal is the best adventure trekking company in Nepal for build your dream of remarkable tours in Nepal comes true. We provide affordable trekking and tours package cost and various holiday in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.


You will enjoy from our high experience official service even before your Nepal tours. Tours trekking in Nepal team take care to address any travel apprehension you may have previous your trip to Nepal. Ahead your Nepal arrival, we will welcome you at airport and guide you to hotel. During you entire program, our highly knowledgeable guides will be voluntarily obtainable to make sure your safety, comfort and satisfaction.


Allow your vacation in Nepal begin and let your dream of Nepal come accurate. Our whole team is at your service. We are dedicated to private and bespoke trekking tours at sensible your budget for families, couples, friends, honeymoon and business travelers. We are always positive to bring you a life time trip as per your budget to Nepal.


Krishna Adhikari:- Managing Director of Treks Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. and Trekking, Travel and Tours leaders in Nepalese such as Tibet and Bhutan and who more than 16 years experience in tourism industry in Nepal and as a trekking tour guide in his early career, he had been everywhere in Nepal also to Tibet and Bhutan these two region is outbound of Nepal. He increases first hand escapade travel knowledge and a deep considerate of a traveler’s need. There is no surprise that he has been the leading in Himalayas of Nepal and his company has matured gradually over the years. He believes that being truthful with others and other will be sincere with you. Confident on himself and his team as well as his experience services. He highly respect your survey about his opportunity from your Nepal arrival for the his leading knowledge also he expect your express to others travelers if you know anyone who interested about Nepal thank you for humble excellence.