Adventure Activities in Nepal

Adventure activities in Nepal is one of the fastest growing but least understood forms of international tourism. Nepal is not only offers trekking, sightseeing and hiking, but the option for other things to do is not limited. You can spend your holidays in Nepal searching adventure with different adventure activities. Nepal is one among the best destinations in the world for adventure tourism which offers an excess of outdoor activities we have Helicopter Tours in Nepal, Peak Climbing in Nepal, Mountain Flight in Nepal, Kayaking in Nepal, Canyoning in Nepal, Bungee Jump in Nepal, Paragliding in Nepal, Rock Climbing in Nepal, Ultra Light Flight in Nepal for the adventure activities. Here comes Nepal with its extraordinary beauty of Himalayan nature and hospitality of its people.


The history of adventure tourism in Nepal begin from the early effort to ascend world’s highest peak Mt. Everest some about five decades ago. These tours can last from half day tour to weeks, and can be a charming and daring way to understanding the educational heritage of Nepal. The role of escapade tourism in the economic development of remote areas and its impact on local society, economy, and the environment are not completely figure out, even though escapade tourism has been adopted excitedly by many countries like Nepal. Here we are not to examine the impact of adventure tourism in Nepal but we believe that escapade travel will bring many positive impacts on Nepal's national economy, native populations, tourism manufacturing, and conservation growth. Our adventure tours can be agreed year round and can accommodate singly travelers, and groups of all sizes. With its steady increase, escapade tourism in Nepal will play an increasingly significant role for national and local growth in the boundary areas.


Below are Different Adventure Activities in Nepal

  • Helicopter Tours in Nepal
  • Mountain Flight in Nepal
  • Kayaking in Nepal
  • Canyoning in Nepal
  • Bungee Jump in Nepal
  • Paragliding in Nepal
  • Rock Climbing in Nepal
  • Ultra Light Flight in Nepal