Suggested Trekking Equipment in Nepal

We suggested our valued customer equipment for trekking in Nepal. Exact basic trekking gear is necessary on all routes we explain in site. Depending on the area also season. Here is some suggested gear list for Nepal trekking. Your trekking equipment will usually two person waterproof tents, foam mattresses all cook and eat gear for the camping not in tea house trek. During the day you will carry your camera, water bottle, a pair of light full shirt or jacket. The rest of your equipment, including your sleeping bag, will be carried by porters. All hiking will be on trails and not need any mountaineering gear such as ropes, ice axe, or crampons at any time during the trek. Equipment check list that follows details the equipment you will need for your trek. Most of these items are available for rent or sale in Kathmandu we help you to show shop where you buy or rent list for your equipment.


Suggested Trekking Equipment in Nepal are below:

01 - A woolen hat to wear in the morning and at night. During winter it is a necessary item.

02 - Sunhat and make sure it has a wide brim to cover the face and neck.

03 -A pair of gloves. Leather with lining and woolen are best.

04 - One pair of sandals to wear in morning and evening in camp after washing your feet.

05 - Two pairs of thin and 2 pair of thick woolen socks.

06 - Several pairs of underwear normal quantity and swimming costume, hankies.

07 - Windproof / waterproof trousers are necessary on all treks going above 1000ft

08 - A pair of track shoes. To wear in the camp at night or when the boot is wet.

09 - A rainproof jacket with hood or a poncho. Get the one that is guaranteed waterproof.

10 - Lightweight walking boots for easy walking up and down.

11 - Warm jacket. Fiber fill or down should be enough it is necessary during winter.

12 - Woolen shirts and thick sweaters for during winter months of December-February.

13 - A pair of lightweight / heavy weight trousers. Jeans cloths are uncomfortable.

14 - Heavyweight trousers for morning and night to useful higher up in mountains.

15 - Light t-shirt, half t-shirt, half paint are very useful in day time while you walking and you feel better, 2 pair of loose fitting long shorts which make free you body, you enjoy without painful. One lightweight long sleeved shirt is mainly appropriate for avoid sun burn.

16- Camera, sun cream, sunglass, trawal specially you need after shower, water bottle, shampoo for shower, your personal first add kid box, hankie or muffler to wear behind your neck which makes sun block and not burning.

17 - Sleeping back for the night, Rucksack carries behind which make easy for the porter and feel comfortable them.

18 - Day back for your sun cream, sunglass, some sweet chocolate for example, trawal, Small your personal first add kid box. Trekking poles will make easy for you to walking up and down during your trips.