Sightseeing in Nepal

Sightseeing in Nepal it is said about Nepal that every other structure is a holy shrine and every day a festival. Well, if the number of annual festivals, both religious and national, is any indication, that saying couldn’t be truer. Festivals are an essential part of Nepalese life that garners tremendous local participation. Festivals also offer visitors a valuable opportunity not only for having fun but gaining insight into various aspects of Nepalese culture. The religious festivals have fixed dates. whenever you arrive in Nepal you can be pretty sure of being at the right time for more special events. Kathmandu valley was divided into 3 kingdoms less than a century ago. It now contains countless architectural monuments, relics of different cultural and spiritual society. Other event we explain about the escapade Nepal give, we state some of the more well-known gentle sides of a holiday in our country with the Kathmandu valley and other major defrayal of notice in Nepal. This delightful diversity is the effect of wildly varying ecosystem sustaining a display of vegetation types, wildlife class, society and habitat. Even if you plan we organize transport to start of your sightseeing, tour and trek. The land change from scorching tropical jungle in south to chilly snow enclosed height in north with green hills and valleys among all inside a distance of 200 kilometers.


Kathmandu is the first arrival point for most visitors. Mountains enclose the valley and it is divided into the three main cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. These are three different kingdoms and to this day retain their own rich creative way and civilization. Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur are the places of temples, holy place. Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur each city have own creative, past environs. Beyond the cities there are hundreds of temples & holy place, local villages, farming prospect and many more loveliness are present in Nepal. Nepal stands the magnificent Mt. Everest 8848 meters fertile land of the the Terai sprawls luxuriously, deep george and fountains spring up form treasure house of the earth, speedy and deafening rivers tumble down straight from the mountain. There is no place like Nepal where you will find such a charming variety of sightseeing attraction, cultural tours and escapade opportunity. Numerous exceptional and good-looking species of plants and animal find safe and approving protection in the land, the elevation of which vary between 70m to 8848m and different 65 cultural group and speaks 45 languages in Nepal. Mainly visitors to Kathmandu, Nepal by fly and Kathmandu is capital city of Nepal and its only one international airport. Nestled in a large valley that according to fable was nice an enormous lake. Either before or after the trek you should set aside a few days for exploring in market, temple of Kathmandu and the close by cities of Bhaktpur and Patan, if you want to go straight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and others cities of Nepal you can do sightseeing with us.

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